Who are our Instructors?

Our instructors are students from local colleges and universities on internships who are studying in the STEM fields - Engineering, Technology, Computer Science. They are the instructors and mentors preparing the next generation. All interns are background checked. Interns are trained in classroom management, safety, working in inclusive environments, conflict resolution, inquiry and research methods.

What happens after I make full payment (tuition and/or supply fee) ?

You will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail upon completion of your registration and a more detailed camp confirmation within one week. Please make sure your confirmation matches with your records and that you have signed up for the correct days or weeks, as we cannot refund for errors in planning. Please contact our office if you need help. If you do not receive a confirmation, please log into your account to review details and ensure that your registration is complete (it will guide you through any mandatory forms). If you do not receive the auto-confirmation e-mail directly after registration, it means that there was probably some issue and you are not registered so PLEASE contact us, so we can help.

Is there a penalty for picking up my child late?

Yes. Grace Periods for pick-up are 5 - 7 minutes after program ends. Late Pick-Ups will be charged at drop-in care rates listed. After 60 minutes, rates are doubled at $2.00 per minute. On site staff do not have authority to waive any fees.

Pick Up Procedure


Parent Pick Up: You must pick up in the room. We will not deliver your child outside the classroom.

School After Care Drop Off: Students at schools which are assigned to after care will be drop off at the school designated area.

Camp: Starting Summer 2017, there will be new procedure, where there will be no payments on site. Instead, our office will review sign in/out sheets after camp for the time you signed in and out, and charge your credit card on file for any care outside of the regular camp hours at a drop in care rate of $1/minute. If there is no sign in or out time, office will charge you for pick up time until 6:00pm.

Drop Off Procedure

Programs at schools: Your child will be pick up at the school designated area.

Programs at Community Centers and/or Sponsored by Cities: You must bring your children to the program room (receiving room) to drop off. We will not pick up your children from any location outside the receiving room. No curb pick-up is allow by any staff or director.

Camps: You must bring your children to the camp room (receiving room) to drop off. We will not pick up your children from any location outside the receiving room. No curb pick-up is allow by any staff or director.

What is your payment policy?

Space is not guaranteed until full payment is received. There are no refunds for programs once student is signed up. Medical drop outs must be fully documented with a Doctor notice explaining reason for not attending with a written letter to registrar@codeexplorers.org. If we need to cancel a program due to low enrollment, you will receive option to transfer to another program or get full refund.In the case of a natural disaster that affects ability to hold camp at the specific locations noted in communications, we'll find alternate meeting place to hold camp and will be unable to offer any refunds. If no alternate sites can be found, we will issue refunds.

Camps: Camper weeks or days are not transferable to other campers, except between siblings.To transfer to another week of camp: $5/week transfer fee until one month before the camp session start. No transfers available after that time. You cannot transfer between camps without consent from Code Explorers in writing.

What is your refund policy?

You can easily cancel your registration up to 7 days prior to the program start by contacting us. There are no cancellation fees.
However, there are no refunds provided for pro-rated periods after program starts.

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