Start Time
February 17, 2020
End Time
February 20, 2020
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Event Description

Parent workshop to introduce an innovative R&D Program for children to learn empathy using AI, 3D, CODING, VR

Empathy is a skill.

Children can learn and expand it.

Immersive Tech can enable it.

An Innovative R&D Program for children 8-11 yrs old. Participants will learn empathy through the use of AI, Avatar, 3D, CODING, and Virtual Reality.

Code Explorers exhibited the project at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Action Zone in September 2019 with great success.

Why should children learn Empathy?

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the shoes of someone else and understand what they are feeling or experiencing. It is different from sympathy for which you have compassion but do not necessarily share perspective and/or emotions.

Developing a sense of empathy is an important developmental process for young children, and one that can benefit them not only in childhood but well into adult life as well. Empathy helps children build a sense of security and stronger relationships positioning them well for learning. It encourages tolerance and acceptance of others. It promotes social harmony and can reduce the likelihood of bullying. In general, empathy makes people more creative as they have to find ways for solving issues from the another point of view.

Why teach Empathy with Technology?

New VR (virtual reality) immersive tools and avatars are available that help kids get a chance to feel (age-appropriately) what it is like to be in different situations and allow them to develop critical thinking skills through innovative ideas and story telling to solve problems.

Code Explorers believes that technology has a bigger role to play in communities and society. We believe that children should be encouraged to learn and use technology for problem solving in addition to playing games.

Do you have to pay for this program?

No, This is a grant supported program at no cost to Miami children. The program is 8 hours long divided in 4 sessions of 2 hours each.

What do I need to do for my children to participate?

Parents must attend the workshop to register their kids. The workshop will explain the project and requirements for registering.

Your children must be between the ages of 8 -11 yrs old when they are registered. You must provide proof of age. No exceptions.

Where are the programs available?

This is a grant supported program for children in Miami-Dade. Initially, programs will be available in Town of Miami Lakes, FL and City of Doral, FL. We will expand the program as space is found at other locations in Miami Dade.