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What students say about Code Explorers Internships

"The benefits I see by working at Code Explorers is a better perception of the world.
I saw firsthand what It’s like to be in the teacher’s shoes. By teaching, I think I learned how to learn better.
Marc G., Florida Polytechnical Institute, Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2020
"Through this Internship, I've harnessed my ability to articulate advanced concepts to a non-STEM audiences.
In STEM, and especially in fields of engineering, there is often a disconnect in communication between the engineer and the contractor. This opportunity has aided me in developing this crucial skill.
Nathan M., University of Central Florida, Computer Engineering, Class of 2020
"Personally, I improved on my patience.
This was certainly tested working with the smaller group of kids because they all have a million demands at the same time.
Being able to understand their different personalities and thus approaching them in the corresponding manner.
Daniela M., University of Miami, Industrial Engineering, Class of 2020
"I was involved with engineering camps, specifically how planes fly and different parts of the circuit. For example, because I have not taken physics, I was not introduced to the Bernoulli Principle. This is a fairly simple idea that is obviously vital in flight....The biggest soft skill I learned was patience.The benefits of doing Code Explorers internship are immense.
Matthew A., Cypress Bay HS, Class of 2018
"What I learned this summer included foundation concepts integral to electro-mechanics, computer engineering, architecture, 2-D game design, and "Pneumatics and Hydraulics. I learned/improved were my communication and organization skills. Ultimately, as I have heard from people involved in Pediatrics, the hardest part of that job is learning to work with parents, as children can be extremely deferential to authority figures, and parents are the ones usually carrying all the stress for their children."  
Oscar F., University of Miami, Biology Major - Medical Track, Class of 2016
"This summer I learned a lot! Subjects I never knew before, such as mechanical engineering and electrical engineering to circuits, to new things about 3D Game Design platforms. The process of learning the material then teaching the classes really improved my knowledge from just vague thoughts to a basic understanding. This will help me in the future because just having enough experience in these fields to get ideas and to have some idea on what I don't know yet allows me to expand my skills.."
Nathaniel C., University of Central Florida, Computer Science, Class of 2020
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