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- Are you looking for talent to drive a new engineering design from prototype to product?
- Looking for expertise on technology to advise your venture capital firm?
- Are you looking for IT skilled employees?

A Revolution is brewing!

To change the minds and hearts of girls and underrepresented groups, we need to engineer a revolution. We need to nurture their interest when they’re young, then help them hold onto that interest through middle school and high school, and into college. We need organizations working on different parts of the pathway, a sector-wide infusion of funding, and strong coordination to track and communicate about what’s working.  
Since 2014, Code Explorers has been leading the way in South Florida to promote engineering, technology and computer science careers with enticing Pre-University Programs that expand and awe students from 3 - 13 yrs old. According to our research and surveys, over 90% of the students that attend Code Explorers programs increase their skill and knowledge three to five-fold in their assigned subject areas. After being exposed to Code Explorers programs, many students express their interest in becoming engineers.
Over 95% of our High School-level and College-level interns have been positively affected by their teaching, learning and mentoring experience which expands knowledge and guides them into their future career decisions.
Your charitable support allows Code Explorers to expand Pre-University Engineering, Technology and Computer Science youth programs to more communities.
Help us support initiatives that support your future skilled workforce needs!

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CODE Explorers® is a 501c3 Non-Profit  organization dedicated to teaching, motivating, and expanding participation mobile technology and learning.
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