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Do you want to advance your career, get networked while doing good for others? Serve on a non-profit board.

Serving on a board and bringing your knowledge, energy, and expertise to the table is something that can not only benefit the organization but you as well. Many leading charities have seasoned business leaders serving on their boards.

For those starting their careers and wanting to go to the next level, serving on a nonprofit board will give the chance to meet and network with community leaders. You will get experience working with seasoned business leaders.

Nonprofits have needs beyond just financial donations so they can become sustainable. Many rely on the expertise and knowledge of business and community professionals—especially board members—to help them advance their missions. 

You can end up with the CEO of a major company working alongside you on a board committee. Additionally, many nonprofits have events, and this is another opportunity for younger professionals to network and connect socially with leaders in the community.
Demonstrate your company's commitment to the Next Generation of Engineers, Computer Scientist and Technologist

Become a corporate sponsor and board member.

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