Start date - end date
1/26/2019 - 3/16/2019
10:00 - 11:00am
Age group
PK: 4-5 yrs old

Doral Legacy Park

tuition fee
$108.00 Tuition Fee payable to City of Doral (resident) Registration Online Keyword Search: Computer Science Location: Morgan Levy
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supply fee
$45.00 Supply Fee payable to Code Explorers
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Course Description

LEVEL 1: Preschoolers learn to CODE!! CODE:EXPLORERS PK Coding program introduces 4-5 yrs old students to the world of computers, tablets, programming, electronic story building and game development. This one-of-a-kind program enhances in-school learning with the latest Stanford U. Design Thinking skills and utilizing Google and MIT Creative Blocks technology. Students will learn sequencing, loops, conditional, layers, image and sound manipulation and more. Includes all supplies/materials -  Tablet to take home after program ends.