6:00pm - 7:00pm
Age group
NEO: 6-9 yrs old

Doral Legacy Park

tuition fee
$108.00 Tuition payable to City of Doral (resident) Registration Online Keyword Search: Computer Science Location: Legacy Park
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supply fee
$18.00 Tuition payable to Code Explorers
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Course Description

In the beginning, there was 2D programming...

The world is going 3D!! Students will learn, experiment and program objects, art and games in 3 Dimensions or 3D. This program is a unique opportunity to think, learn and program in 3D while enhancing spatial reasoning and thinking - A First in South Florida communities. Some projects will be highlighted for manufacturing using different engineering techniques.

Program uses cloud-based applications for students to access during class and at home.


BYOB: Bring your Own Device

We allow students to bring their Windows and MAC laptops as well as Chromebooks.

System Requirements:

- Google Chrome 10 (or newer)

Operating Systems that are known to work well:

- Microsoft Windows 7 or later

- Apple OS X 10.6 or later

- Google Chrome OS on Chromebooks

Hardware that works well:

Most computers and laptops purchased within the last 6 years should work well. There is one strict requirement that the graphics card supports WebGL. WebGL enables working in 3D in the browser. If you are not sure that your graphics card supports WebGL, visit this page to see if you see a spinning cube:

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