Engineers, programmers and technologist are in great demand. Many companies struggle finding these skills in the pool of available hires.

However, many students will not forge an interest in these areas until later in high school when the students are asked “what do you want to do in life?”.
Perhaps we need a model to entice and expose students earlier in their schooling cycle. 

“The utilization of technology could offer a substantial competitive advantage through the realization of improved financial, and administrative outcomes.”

Traditional school settings are now being challenged by new mobile learning tools and systems that in years to come will become a requirement in  school systems.
Computer programming, technology and engineering curricula are thin or non-existent in K-12 education, and may not be enough to provide students with a solid foundation in technology upon which to build. 

“Without a strong
technology foundation in K-12 grades,
college students may find themselves
unprepared to train for and pursue careers in technology fields. ”

Mobile application such as games, educational and productivity tools have further increased the interest of in software development.

Many new world economies are including technology R&D as one of  their country’s priced commodities.

We believe students must be equipped with mobile technology knowledge and know-how to be able to compete and excel in a global economy and help decrease poverty levels. 

“It is well documented by numerous government agencies and news sources that there is an urgency
to develop a stronger workforce
of qualified workers
in computer science, technology, science and engineering.”

Technology and engineering is all pervasive in our daily lives –home, work, play, and school.

Engineering concepts and methodologies are now used by non-traditional engineering and technology companies such as banks, government, law and medicine.

Some banks now required new financial and accounting hires to have computer programming skills. These skills were not a must a short 5 years ago.

“Research indicates that students
who understand the logic
behind technology concepts
and its association to careers
often become the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.”
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